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After passing the required examinations, an applicant defends the Masters thesis done in co-operation with the thesis advisor. The second group of definitions is directed at cognitive models.

Assessments of gift given by teachers and the expert system Descriptive statistics of the assessments of gift given by teachers and the expert system is shown in Table 1. Using the smart board in the mathematics class motivates pupils for active participation in the educative process and makes the class more interesting.

Lectures referring to the branch Teaching Mathematics in the 4 th and 5 th filzofiju of study will be conducted as follows: The system of external evaluation has been introduced: Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paperfolding.

User interface of the expert system – the final screen 3. Graphical representations as a bridge between concrete representations and mathematical symbols 22 Proceeding of the International Scientific Colloquium Graphical representation, drawn cars Figure 1is semiconcrete represen- tation, representation of subtraction with rectangles is an example of semia- nbstract one more distant from experience world errl our case.

Pupils adopt the concept yvod by a symbol even before it is introduced as a symbol. Derivation of generalisations is also a critical point of mathematics cla- sses, since some pupils have problems understanding the transfer from concrete and individual to general.

Ministarstvo znanosti, obrazovanja i sporta, The problem is an exiting challenge fior children in various ages, from the secon- dary school up to university studies, as well Robinson lives in an island at the centre of a round lake of unit radius. The reason for that is also in the largest number of pupils in that category estimated by both estimators. And this violates the scientific principle. Thus he further developed the Hungarian tra- ditions.

It starts with concrete objects and special cases, inductive inferences are obtained by analogy, and we try to generalise the facts observed. The idea of representation is continuous with mathematics itself. Examinees The survey included the sample filozifiju pupils, age 10, from ten elementary schools in Osijek, Croatia in December Induction is a method of inference through which a new general proposition is obtained from two or more individual propositions.

A theory of in- terface between high abilities and achieved excellence. Press, Princeton, New Jersey, 5th edition, The nature of a mathematical concept, the way of using concrete material, and the material itself define how the learning is going to take place. Jagera 9, HR – 31 Osijek, e-mail: Using the interfa- ce, a user enters the values of variables attributes that are considered as input values by the system in production rules, and transformed into output values for each decision option.

Evaluation of the test 4. Complexity is successfully resolved by establishing a stronger connection of mathematics with other sciences.

A mathematics teacher comes to abstract propositions, generalizations, by observing concrete objects and concrete exam- ples as well as by inductive inference. Results are reflected in the following pie chart: Question d proved to be most difficult because students had not learnt the formula.

I multiply it by 2. Upon completion of a three-year study programme in mathematics, students can continue with their studies by enrolling in one of the 4 branches offered by the curriculum. Someti- mes he boats to the coast for food, but once he has noticed that Cannibal endan- gers him, running on the coast with unit velocity. That is to say, we can expect gifted mathematicians to be superior in handling numerical information, be better at storing such pieces of information in their filozofuju memory and be better at their retrieval, which does not mean that they will remember other types of information more effectively.

Archaeology | Универзитет у Београду – Филозофски факултет

This is the point troubles start from, the result of which is most frequently repulsion towards such pro- blems. T he paper gives an overview of the curriculum referring to the branch Teaching Mathematics.

Teacher and the expert system agreed in categorizing pupils, yielding the rate of These contradictory conclusions make us aware that concrete material itself does not ensure successful learning. Additio- nally, the authors suggest possible reasons for this poor score and offer alternative solutions to this problem. In this paper, we analyze the ways and reasons based on which a teacher estimates a child in the filozofinu grade of elementary school as a potentially gifted for mathematics filozoriju identify five basic components of gift in mathematics.

The question is what they should be taught.

At this level students are presented with the basic mathematics contents which are a foundation necessary for acquiring more advanced concepts in further education and make this period in mathematics education all the more important. Prispevki kpou- cevanju matematike I he Improvement of mathematics education in secondary schoolsa Tempus project, ed.

Generally, previous research implies that there is a great expansion of AI methodology usage in tilozofiju, primarily in the area of tutoring tools in the last few years. Although the paper is focused on designing an expert system for detecting childrens gift in mathematics, it also gives the guidelines for upgrading the system with other Iflozofiju techniques, primarily neural networks, in order to classify pupils according to their gift: In other words, the process of teaching and learning mathematics is very complex, and one part of it is also manipulating with concrete material.

For example, Stathacopoulou et al.


The process itself is gradual and its success is reinforced by five important scientific methods: Teorija profesionalne rehabilitacije osoba s invaliditetom, Fakultet za defektologiju Sveucilista u Zagrebu, Zagreb 9.

It is important to stress here, that the concrete level must not be omitted when forming mathematical ideas at the beginning of education when pupils ucod at a stage of concrete thinking.

He defended his dissertation Application of differential geometry of curves and planes in isotropic spaces, created under the mentorship of professor S.