Brief summary of MGMA’s physician compensation survey from to , according to the MGMA’s new Physician Compensation. Direct Compensation and Productivity for Physicians. All Group Types. Section III: Summary of Starting Salaries by Specialty. New Physicians. Data extracted from MGMA Physician Compensation and Production Median Comp – Hospital Practices.

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We are confident that the future for ID specialists grows ever brighter, and we need to attract intellectually curious and motivated individuals to join our specialty, with an understanding that they can enjoy productive, fulfilling careers that are as financially competitive as other specialties.

Work Effort, Productivity, and Compensation Trends in Members of the Society for Vascular Surgery

The survey was funded by the Infectious Diseases Society of America. The publisher’s final edited version of this article is available at Vasc Endovascular Surg.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Institutional review board was not required for this study.

Received Apr 4; Accepted Apr With a changing environment and employment status of VS, tracking measures of productivity and proper benchmarking become vitally important.

Trends in the earnings of male and female health care professionals in the United States, to Acad Med ; Many other measures of productivity exist including patient encounters, gross charges, adjusted charges, net comlensation, and pay for performance P4P.

Results Two-thirds of respondents were in private practice. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. The reason being that variable costs rise with an increase in volume and if WRVUs are used as a productivity measure, the more work the VS does the lower is the cost per unit of work.

The data were analyzed using SAS 9. This is important to the academic VS because the higher WRVU benchmark may be unrealistic, giving administration the upper hand and only serving to put downward pressure on any pay increases and possible bonuses. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Trends should be shared with the membership at the annual vascular meeting or special meetings focused on compensation and productivity. Published online Apr It is important for students and residents increasingly burdened with student debt who are considering conpensation career in ID to have accurate, comprehensive, and representative information on the compensation and career options available in the field.

Brief summary of MGMA’s 2011 physician compensation survey

Through SurveyMonkey, the survey questionnaire was distributed electronically by SVS staff to members of the Society for Vascular Surgery in AMC, academicmedical center; Hosp, hospital. The survey cokpensation were directly distributed via e-mail to IDSA physician members, associates, and fellows residing in the United States. RVU based Physician compensation and productivity.

The SVS could then come up with strategies to address compesnation issues. The present survey shows that net collections continue to be the most common metric used by physician groups In addition, the IDSA survey boasts a much larger sample size of ID physicians than other common compensation reports, resulting in data that is more representative of the career opportunities available within ID.

Infectious Diseases Physician Compensation: An Improved Perspective

The final step is for CMS to use a scaling factor called the Medicare Conversion Factor, which converts geographically adjusted RVUs to determine the physician payment schedule. In addition, the physician is penalized physixian patient noncompliance. Large groups with business managers and health systems with practice administrators have easy access to national benchmarks for work effort, productivity, and compensation by geographic region, specialty, academic rank, and type of practice.

A survey questionnaire was developed to gather information about member demographics, academic versus private practice, full-time FT employed versus physician-owned groups, time in practice, measures of work total relative value mgja and work relative value units [WRVUs]productivity criteria, and employment status.

Comparisons between individuals and groups may however suffer due to inaccurate coding or not coding for services at all. However, individual VS compnesation small groups will be at a disadvantage as a result of either not tracking productivity measures or, if they are, failing to track the appropriate ones.

If an academic VS at 0. Compsnsation SVS should consider positioning itself to collect, store, manage, and provide such information to assist members in practice transition.

Benchmarks and Their Flaws First, the practice must identify a benchmark that mirrors the type of practice being analyzed. The RVUs were designed to measure resource consumption or simply the volume of work or effort expended by a physician in treating patients when the RBRVS system was being designed.

Therefore, compensation can be tied to overall productivity just not to per unit of production. Therefore, because these surveys influence perceptions of the specialty held by medical students and residents, as well as the fact that these surveys inform phyaician negotiations for ID specialists’ services, it is important to explore the accuracy of their results.

Despite the fact that physician productivity and compensation is increasingly based upon work units, RVUs are mistakenly thought to measure productivity.